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CURAD Xeroform Gauze Dressing, Sterile, 5" x 9"

CURAD Xeroform Sterile Nonadherent Gauze Dressing

Según las reseñas, la calificación es de 0.0 de 5 estrellas
    • U.S.P. absorbent fine mesh petrolatum gauze impregnated with a 3% Bismuth Tribromophenate deodorizing agent helps maintain moisture
    • Dressing clings and conforms yet is permeable to allow minimal drainage to pass through to secondary dressing
    • Nonadherent design helps prevent secondary dressings from "sticking" to wound/periwound skin and helps prevent trauma from dressing changes
    • Ideal for nondraining to lightly draining wounds including lacerations, minor or partial thickness burns, abrasions, skin graft sites and suture wounds
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