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Introducing our Upright Aluminum Rollator Walker, the perfect mobility aid for those who need assistance while walking. Its lightweight and durable aluminum frame makes it easy to maneuver and transport. The comfortable padded seat and backrest provide a place to rest when needed, while the adjustable handles ensure a customized fit for each user. The easy-to-use hand brakes provide added safety and control, making this rollator walker a reliable choice for daily use. Don't let limited mobility hold you back – try our Upright Aluminum Rollator Walker today.

Upright Aluminum Rollator Walker

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SKU: 6371682982961
Opciones de precios
Compra única
Weekly Rental
42,00$cada semana hasta que se cancele
Monthly Rental
122,00$cada mes hasta que se cancele
    • Upright Aluminum Rollator Walker features adjustable handle height and backrest height for a custom fit
    • Simply push down and lock brakes to use as a seat
    • Smooth-rolling wheels make mobility a breeze
    • Comes with bag and backrest
    • 41in - 45.9in Adjustable Walker Height Range 
    • 18.5in Inside Walker Width
    • 33.1in Overall Width
    • 7.75in Wheel Size
    • 300lb Weight Capacity
    • One White Upright Rollator Walker
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