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Continuous glucose monitor
Take control of your diabetes with a
Glucose Monitor

WONACE is a medical supply company that specializes in providing Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) solutions and support. With our selection of CGM products, Freestyle Libre and Dexcom. Users can stay on top of their blood glucose levels, make informed decisions about their health, and lead healthier lives.

May Be Covered By Medicare Or Private Insurance
Have Better Control of Your Diabetes With a CGM System

WONACE Medical Supply Freestyle Libre and Dexcom
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Insurance Covered Diabetes Devices

Manage your diabetes with more confidence

Insurance Questions

Overwhelmed by the ins and outs of your medical insurance? You’re not alone. Fortunately, at WONACE, you have a team of highly-trained experts on your side to work through the details for you. Whether you are covered through Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance, allow us to manage the specifics of your coverage, allowing you to focus on what really matters to you.

What insurance plans/networks is WONACE a part of?
We receive majority insurance plans across the nation and we continuously pursue new insurance plans to join our current network. To find out if WONACE is contracted with your insurance provider, please click here and submit your information for a friendly agent to contact you. You can also call 281-810-3123 or Fax 877-787-4705.

Why does it take so long to get authorization approval from my insurance company?
Depending on your plan with your insurance provider, you may or may not require prior authorization for your DME supplies. Insurance plans have different guidelines on how quickly their clinical teams review prior authorization requests. It typically ranges anywhere from 1-15 business days depending on your insurance provider. For more information, please contact your insurance provider.

Will CGM be covered by Medicaid?
Continuous glucose monitors & supplies (CGMs) are covered through most State Medicaid & Managed Medicaid plans that WONACE is contracted with. To find out if WONACE is contracted with your insurance provider, please click here and submit your information for our friendly agents to contact you. You can also call 281-810-3123 or Fax 877-787-4705.

Will my insurance cover all costs for CGM? How much will insurance cover?
Benefit coverage on your CGM varies based on your individual plan. WONACE will contact your insurance provider to obtain all your coverage details including any out-of-pocket responsibilities you may have. Once our team verifies your insurance, you will be contacted if there are any costs associated with your order prior to shipping.

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