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The SG Portable features independent vacuum adjustability on each side with preset cycle levels, eliminating manual cycle adjustments. The 1.5-lb mini and lightweight SG Portable utilizes one separate battery-operated motor for each breast. Because of this, moms can now conveniently and effectively double-pump without compromising suction leading to more efficient and productive pumping sessions.

Synergy Gold Portable Breast Pump Double Adjustable Electric

Según las reseñas, la calificación es de 0.0 de 5 estrellas
SKU: 15795707
    • Rechargeable – portable with built-in battery​
    • Double Adjustable – independent vacuum preset cycles settings for each breast​
    • Massage Mode – simulates the natural suckling of baby​
    • Closed System – prevents backflow into tubing or pump​
    • Touch Screen – touch screen LCD with timer control​
    • Ultra Quiet – for discreet pumping sessions​
    • Made with Natural Nursing Technology that simulates the natural way a baby nurses and promotes a more comfortable pumping experience.
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