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Discover how our newest breast pump is designed with features to keep you pumping smarter. Powerful and compact, the Z2 delivers 3 different pumping styles: Stimulation, Expression, and 2-Phase modes. Now moms can further tailor their pumping sessions for comfort and ease. This is the only pump on the market with alternate mode technology. This “2 phase” pumping mode rhythmically alternates expression between breasts to increase stimulation and express more milk in less time. It starts out with an initial flutter suction followed by a stronger extraction without having to switch settings. Finally, a pump that mimics the way a baby feeds.

Zomee-Z2 Double Electric Breast Pump

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SKU: 8603582982961
    • Hospital-Grade Strength
    • 2-year warranty
    • Double Electric Breast Pump
    • 3 Modes and 19 Suction Levels
    • 9 Levels of Expression Mode, 5 Levels of Stimulation Mode, and 2  Levels of 2-Phase Mode
    • Single or Double Pumping Capability
    • LCD Screen and Nightlight
    • Hygienic Anti-Backflow System
    • 2 Hours + Internal Rechargeable Battery
    • Portable
    • BPA and Phthalate Free

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