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Web Accessibility Statement

WONACE is committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, diversity, and inclusion. This effort includes ensuring that our website is usable by all people, including those with visual, hearing, cognitive, and motor impairments.


We follow the principles of universal design to ensure our site is flexible, adaptable to users’ needs, and accessible via a variety of technologies, including but not limited to screen readers, speech recognition software, operating system screen magnifiers, and operating system speech packages.


Wherever possible, we adhere to level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) to ensure the following:


  • Information is presentable to users in ways they can understand

  • User interface components and navigation are operable

  • Content can be interpreted by a wide variety of user agents, including assistive technologies


Contact Us

If you need assistance with any process or have questions or concerns about accessibility on this site, please contact us at

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